Download Showbox APK 2019 for Android and iPhone

ShowBox APK 2019 Download

 What is the Showbox app?

Showbox APK 2019 is the best Android app which allows their users to watch the latest movies, and tv shows completely free. It provides unlimited access to the latest videos and shows free of charge. The official Showbox application is not available at Google Play Store or Apple App Store

Therefore, users have to download and install the Showbox app from the relevant websites. But the thing is, no one can guarantee that those websites provide the actual Showbox application or any other malicious program.

As Mobile tips and Tricks providers, that’s why we plan to provide the latest version of the official Show box application. You can directly download the latest version of Showbox app to your android device free of charge. In this article, I have explained the complete usage of this tool well using great guidelines. If you have any doubts, feel free to comment in the section at the end.

Name Showbox APK
File type .apk
File size 37mb
Required Android Version    4.0 and above
Latest Updated Version 5.35
Video Quality HD 720 Pixels
Last Update Date 13 July 2019

What are the basic features available in Showbox APK?

There are lots of features and advantages of this app. Here, I have explained some of them one by one.

ShowBox APK 2019 Download

Free of Charge

It’s entirely free for download Showbox and installs this on your android or iOS devices. There is no restriction and even no subscription or signup required to use. Not only that, but also there is no country restriction to stream movies and TV shows.


Movies and TV Shows

No one needs to miss any movie and TV show if they have Showbox application. It has an endless database of oldest and latest movies and TV shows. Not only that but also they have high categorization.


News and Trailers

Latest news related to movies and TV shows are display on Showbox app, and also there are new movie trailers available on Showbox APK.


Favorites and Downloads

There is a central feature to mark your favorite movies and TV shows as Favorites. Also, Showbox APK allows users to download movies and TV shows to watch later offline.

Some other common features such as Enable and Disable automatic downloads, Set default player to play videos are available in this app. Movies and TV shows are available various resolutions 360p, 480p, 720p and 1080p resolution.  

Showbox for Android


How to Download Showbox APK 2019 and Install on Android Devices?

It’s hugely easier to download and install the Showbox APK 2019 file on Android devices. As it is the best free movie streaming app through other movie studios, We highly recommended to personal use. 

Before installing the application, you must allow unknown sources from your Android device as it is a third-party app. We couldn’t be able to use the same method to enable unknows Sources on Every android device. But it’s almost similar.


3 Simple Steps to allow “Unknown Sources” on any Android Device.

  1. First, you must navigate to the Settings of your Device.
  2. And then, you should find Security.
  3. Inside Security, you have to find the checkbox called “Unknown Sources” and enable it.

Allow Unknown Sources

When you are installing any Apps from Unknows Sources, Google Play Protect usually scan those apps for malicious contents and blocking those forbidden apps. So, you are still protected even you allow Unknows Sources.


Showbox Download and Install on Android

However, You have successfully allowed Unknown Sources on your android device. Now we can download and install the Showbox APK to your Android device. 

Follow the link below to download the latest version of show box free movies app.

Tips For Apple Download

You can download older versions of this tool by referring to links below.


After downloading the APK file, you must locate the download folder of your android device and open the Showbox APK file.

Then you can start the installation process by clicking the install button at the right bottom corner in your android device.

After a few minutes, the installation process will be successful, and then you will have to watch movies and TV shows completely free.

There is a built-in feature to popup and notify users about the latest version when a new update available to download for the Showbox APK. So, when the user clicks on the update button, the app automatically updates to the latest version of Show box APK.


Is the Showbox 2019 designed for the Android?

Showbox APK 2019 is designed for Android Devices and there is only APK version of this application available on the internet. By the way, iPhone users don’t need to think much more about this matter because there is a tricky method to install Show box APK on iOS devices also.


How to Download Showbox APK and Install on iPhone or iPad?

Showbox for iOS

As we previously mentioned, Showbox APK is only available in APK format. But, there are some methods to install this APK file on iOS devices such as iPhones and iPads. If you are an iPhone user, you can use this simple trick to watch movies and TV shows through your mobile free of charge using Show box APK.

So we can’t install Showbox APK directly on your iPhone. In this case, we use another third-party application called vShare to install Show box APK on your iPhone.


vShare APK downloader for Showbox

VShare is an app market for popular android and iOS apps. In this case, it helps us and acts as an APK downloader for Showbox.

vShare for PC

You can’t download and install vShare directly to your iPhone when we install Showbox to your iPhone. You need to have a PC to do that.

Download vShare to your PC using the link below and install it in your PC.

Tips For Apple Download

After the installation is completed, you can connect your iPhone to the personal computer. Please note that you must have a jailbreak iPhone or iPad to use vShare on iOS. 

Once you plug your iPhone or iPad to your personal computer, it will detect by the vShare application. So the thing you need to do next is, search for the Showbox APK using the search box and click the install button.

When the installation is completed, you can use Showbox on your iPhone without any issue to watch the latest movies and TV shows.

Show Box free movies